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7 January 2014
By Tim Daniels

New titles - December 2013

Account of profits Brookers, 2013 Archbold : criminal pleading, evidence and practice Sweet & Maxwell, 2014 Brooke's notary Sweet & Maxwell, 14th ed 2013 Byles on bills of exchange and cheques Sweet & Maxwell, 29th ed 2013 Cretney and Lush on enduring powers of attorney Jordans Publishing, 7th ed 2013 ... More about New titles - December 2013.

11 December 2013
By Fiona Gleeson

New computers at Auckland library

New computers are being rolled out for practitioners to use at the Auckland NZLS library. It is now possible to email judgment PDFs to yourself by saving them to a temporary file space, then attaching and sending them via your personal webmail account. The temporary file area is automatically wiped ... More about New computers at Auckland library.

3 December 2013
By Tim Daniels

New titles - November 2013

Animal law in Australasia : continuing the dialogue Federation Press, 2nd ed 2013 Criminal procedure in New Zealand Thomson Reuters, 2013 Derham on the law of set-off Oxford University Press, 4th ed 2010 Ethics in law : lawyers' responsibility and accountability in Australia LexisNexis, 6th ed 2013 Law of costs ... More about New titles - November 2013.

5 November 2013
By Tim Daniels

New titles - October 2013

Guide to company liquidation LexisNexis, 2013 McPherson's law of company liquidation Sweet & Maxwell, 2013 Review of the law of trusts : a trusts Act for New Zealand Law Commission, 2013 Te matapunenga : a compendium of references to the concepts and institutions of Maori customary law Victoria University Press, ... More about New titles - October 2013.

3 October 2013
By Tim Daniels

New titles - September 2013

The attorney's handbook: information, checklists, precedents and examples for attorneys CCH New Zealand, 2013 Charity law in New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, 2013 A new Act for incorporated societies Law Commission, 2013 Intellectual property : patents, copyright, trade marks and allied rights Sweet & Maxwell, 8th ed 2013 Intellectual ... More about New titles - September 2013.

30 May 2013
By Fiona Gleeson

Access to Library in Christchurch - Chester Street West door now only entry/exit point

The Canterbury Library is making its long awaited return to the Law Courts building, 282 Durham Street, during the first week of June 2013. Due to matters beyond our control there has been a last minute change with the planned entry points to the Library. The external Chester Street West ... More about Access to Library in Christchurch - Chester Street West door now only entry/exit point.

8 January 2013
By Fiona Gleeson

High Court Earthquake List

The High Court Earthquake List was set up in the High Court to manage litigation resulting from the Christchurch earthquakes. It began in May 2012, following a commitment by the Chief High Court Judge that earthquake cases will be dealt with as swiftly as the Court’s resources permit. ... More about High Court Earthquake List.

12 January 2012

Earthquake – insurance resources

The NZLS Library service has compiled a list of insurance resources - texts, online resources and selected insurance case head notes and citations. It is intended that this will provide a useful starting point for research in insurance matters arising from the earthquakes. The list is not exhaustive, and further ... More about Earthquake – insurance resources.

28 September 2011
By Robin Anderson

Business Economics and Theory

This is one of the more academic databases we provide; although with more than 450 full text journals it is certainly good value. Economical and economics. A search for example on government regulation produced over 1,000 academic articles, 11 magazine articles, 1300 news items and even three radio/podcast items that ... More about Business Economics and Theory.

28 September 2011
By Janice Woolford

AustLII iPhone app

AustLII has recently released the AustLII iPhone app. It is available as a free download from the app store. Due to incredible demand AustLII's developers are working on applications for other devices including the iPad to be realeased soon, as well as Android and Blackberry apps. ... More about AustLII iPhone app.

22 September 2011
By Robin Anderson

General Onefile

Not a military officer, but a very helpful broad database of articles and books. This is for when you want a change from Google. It has nearly 100,000,000 article and book references including lots of full text material. Subjects cover everything from time management (vital for lawyers) to computer and ... More about General Onefile.

14 September 2011
By Robin Anderson

Epic databases – Legaltrac

One of the Epic databases available to you in the libraries and though your my.lawsociety pages is Legaltrac. This database indexes a large number of legal journals from around the world and includes some New Zealand journals. It indexes law reviews, bar association journals and legal newspapers. Some of these ... More about Epic databases – Legaltrac.

7 September 2011
By Robin Anderson

The Library catalogue

The NZLS Library books and journals are on an internet catalogue that is free and easily accessible from our website. Go to to look at it. This catalogue is much more comprehensive that the previous LINX catalogue. The catalogue contains not only records of all the texts in the ... More about The Library catalogue.

24 August 2011

Nursing and Allied Heath Collection

The Nursing and Allied Health Collection database indexes over 1,000 journals and has over 6 million article references. This is a huge depth of information covering everything from healthcare reform, administration, nursing practices and patient care. It is a good way of finding articles on topics from best practice to ... More about Nursing and Allied Heath Collection.

22 August 2011

Gale World History in Context

The Gale World History in Context is more of a portal or gateway than a database. It is a very good way to discover a topic and then drill down into it. It includes images, primary source materials, extracts from books and encyclopedias, magazines, academic journals, newspapers and even audio. ... More about Gale World History in Context.

4 August 2011
By Fiona Gleeson

Psychology Collection

This EPIC Gale database has over 4 million references to articles and news, including many with the full text attached. It will be a useful database for those working in the CHYPF, Family law, Mental Health and Criminal law areas. In addition you may find useful insights to your own ... More about Psychology Collection.

27 July 2011
By Robin Anderson

Business and Company ASAP

This is a database of information on companies, markets and industries and has a wide range of sources including business and trade journals, newspapers and news agencies and company profiles from 1980 onwards. A search for “corporate counsel” in the title, keyword or abstract fields found over 1,000 hits including ... More about Business and Company ASAP.

20 July 2011
By Robin Anderson

Academic One file

This major database indexes more than 11,000 journals and includes more than 3,500 journals available in full text. The focus of the database is on the Humanities, Medicine, Science and Technology. In addition it also has podcasts and even videos and it also covers foreign language However it does index ... More about Academic One file.

6 July 2011
By Robin Anderson

Masterfile Premier

This is a database from Ebsco that you can access in the 3 main law libraries and from your my.lawsociety page, going to Library, Epic and then Ebsco. It includes quite a few full text journals as well as index references to even more materials. May of the full text ... More about Masterfile Premier.

29 June 2011
By Robin Anderson

Health Reference Center Academic

This is a very large database of over 9.5 million references. It covers all health issues including illnesses, chronic illnesses, healthcare reforms, fitness, professional standards and evaluation. It is important to note that these are covered from the health professional and academic perspective rather than a consumer perspective. It is ... More about Health Reference Center Academic.

22 June 2011
By Robin Anderson

General Reference Center Gold

This is a broad general current events and general interest database that brings together sources of current information. It is not a current affairs database, so the Chilean ash cloud is not mentioned much at the moment, but a search on family law issues brings up interesting articles on employment ... More about General Reference Center Gold.