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FLS Membership

Whether you are starting out in your career as a family lawyer, working your way up the ladder or an experienced family lawyer, membership of the Family Law Section (FLS) has much to offer. Read about the many benefits of being a member of the FLS. 

The membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June. There are two types of membership offered by the FLS: full membership and associate membership. Membership of the New Zealand Law Society is a pre-requisite to membership of the FLS. 

Full membership is available to those who hold a current practising certificate and are members of the Law Society. 

Associate membership is available to associate members of the Law Society who do not hold a current practising certificate but have a significant interest in family law. Examples of associate members would be retired lawyers; overseas lawyers; present and former members of the judiciary in New Zealand or elsewhere; and legal academics. 

Membership of the Law Society

From 1 July 2024, the Law Society is introducing an upgraded membership for the 2024/2025 membership year. One of the many benefits of Law Society membership is that it includes your membership to one of the three sections of your choice, which includes the Family Law Section. 

Renewing your FLS membership 

Full membership: If you are currently a full member of the FLS you do not need to pre-register your interest to remain a member of the Law Society. Unless you contact us, we will assume you wish to remain a member and your membership subscription will automatically be included in the renewals invoice you will receive just prior to 1 July 2024. 

Associate membership: There are no changes to the associate membership of the Law Society and the FLS. An invoice will be sent to you for the 2024/25 membership year. 

Join the Family Law Section

The best way to join the FLS as a full member is to complete the pre-registration form for Law Society membership and select the option to join the Family Law Section. Joining the Law Society for the 2024/25 year costs $290 + GST which is less than $6.00 a week. Your membership will be added to your renewal invoice in May and your membership will commence from 1 July.  

If you have completed the pre-registration form and wish to become a member of the Family Law Section prior to 1 July 2024, please contact 

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